Hownvestor is the new way
to buy real estate


Don't let a few euros preventing you
from becoming a home owner


Step by step with Hownvestor...

Qualify for Hownvestor

Qualify for Hownvestor

By answering a few questions. Instant qualification, confirmation in less than 48h with no commitment.
Find your home

Find your home

One that falls in your price range and eligibility criteria. We prefer apartments, but are open to alternatives.
Get a loan

Get a loan

We not only bring  extra cash, we increase your chance of getting approved for a loan.


We'll buy your dream home together in a co-ownership model and take a 25% mark-up on our ownership stake.


It’s your property, You can live in it, or rent it. We only ask a small monthly rent during the co-ownership period.
You become an owner

You become an owner

You can sell your property, or buy back our stake whenever you want and at market price.

Hownvestor is not a bank
and certainly not a loan.

We are like the cherry on the cake!

You're not alone in your purchase. We help you in your acquisition and often negotiate on your behalf.

With our deep expertise and financial support, you can finally get approved for a loan.

You finally stop throwing away money on your rent, you invest in your future and not the one of your landlord's

You can buy sooner and even bigger, allowing you to project yourself into your family's future.

We are not a loan. Our monthly cost is like a small rent which is payable during the co-ownership period.

You sell, or buy us out whenever you want, this gives you time to build up savings.


Tired of renting, we are here to change that.

Hownvestor is your best partner in your home acquisition.
As in a wedding, there must be a match, so why don’t we quickly check if you qualify?

Become an owner

No commitment and it only takes 2 minutes.
We give an answer in about 48 hours.

We offer a smooth transition
towards home ownership.

What are the takeaways?



Hownvestor is a co-ownership model. We co-invest with you in the property of your dreams and therefore become a co-owner.



It is a co-ownership, the title of property is split between you and us. Our ownership percentage is marked-up by 25% (eg: 10% investment = 12,5% ownership)



It's your home, you can do whatever you want with it. We just charge a rent to occupy it during the co-ownership period.



You can leave the co-ownership at any time and at market price, either by selling the property, or by buying back our ownership stake.

You deserve clear answers.

  • What is Hownvestor?

    Hownvestor is a Belgian start-up offering an alternative solution for acquiring your home, by co-investing alongside you in your property.

  • Who is behind Hownvestor?

    Behind the concept of Hownvestor are three Belgian entrepreneurs, Laurent Desseille, Thomas Palmblad and Patrick Van Overbroek, accompanied by a multidisciplinary team in finance and real estate.

  • Where is Hownvestor available?

    Hownvestor is currently available for real estate acquisitions in the main cities of Belgium.

  • How does Hownvestor make money?

    Hownvestor earns money on: one-off administrative fees equivalent to 1% of the property value (payable by the customer); rental income based on Hownvestor investment (payable by the customer); refinancing of Hownvestor's ownership share (payable by the buyer); income received from partnerships with real estate professionals (payable by the partners).

  • Is Hownvestor a bank, a loan, or a mortgage?

    Hownvestor is not a bank and certainly not a loan. We help you to get a loan by co-investing with you in your property. We are considered as a real estate investor and not as a finance company, a loan or credit institution.